T&C Section 171 – Testimony of St. John – Chapter 1:1-4

1 In the Highest Council of Heaven there was One who spoke out. And the One who spoke out was among the Gods, and He was a God. He was in the Council of the Gods, and the creation of the cosmos was organized through Him. And without Him does not exist one thing that has come into existence in the cosmos. In Him was the power of life and this power was conveyed into the cosmos as the Light in men and everything. The Light shone in the chaos and those in darkness have not been able to grasp it.

2 There was a man sent from God and his name was John. This man was sent as a witness so that he might testify and identify the Light to give everyone a reason to believe through the Messiah. He, John, was not the Light, but he was sent by Heaven as a witness to testify of the Light, and to end the dispensation of Moses, and baptize to begin a new dispensation. The Light enlightens every man who is progressing upward in the cosmos.

3 The Messenger of the Heavenly Council was in the cosmos, and the cosmos existed through Him, and the cosmos had not acquired His knowledge. He came into His own creation, but those there were unable to understand Him. As many as perceived the Light in Him, to them He gave knowledge to enable them to follow the path to become like Him, begotten children in the family of the Most High God. This is only possible for those who believe through His name. Those who believe through His name are no longer born of blood to follow the appetites of flesh, nor the ambitions of man, but are able to become, like Him, the offspring of God. This one who was Spokesman from the Heavenly Council was made flesh, and He temporarily cast His tent among us, and we could see His knowledge of the path to ascend in light and truth, he was a member of the Family of God, full of the power to ascend and able to display truth to others.

4 John bore witness of him, and proclaimed, This is He of whom I testified; He who would be born after me has advanced in progression above me. He has advanced in progression far beyond everyone else in this sphere. For in the Council of Heaven was the Spokesman, even God’s Heir, who is born into the flesh and sent to us to fulfill the will of the Father. And as many as obtain authority in His name shall gain the right to ascend to Heaven. We who have witnessed His fullness comprehend what Eternal life means through Him revealing the pathway of ascension to the Throne of God. For the law was given through Moses, but life and truth come through Jesus the Messiah. The law gave carnal instructions, but led only to condemnation and death. The gospel is to empower endless life, through Jesus the Messiah, the Only Begotten Son, who is a manifestation of the love of the Father. No man has seen the Father without hearing Him testify of the Son, for only through Him is any soul saved.